Shoot the Apple 2

Shoot the Apple 2 1.1.7

Aliens versus fruit


  • Fun puzzles
  • Impressive physics mechanics


  • Can get frustrating


Shoot the Apple 2 is an arcade game where you have to shoot objects at an apple.

You shoot teddy bears that are actually aliens in this game. The end goal is to shoot the apple with one of the aliens. The fewer aliens you fire, the better your score and bonus will be. Shoot the Apple 2 is better from the first game because it has better graphics and smoother performance.

Levels are also more complicated and you have to manipulate fans, boards, and physics to be able to shoot the apple. The game's physics make it challenging and fun, but levels can get frustrating.

Shoot the Apple 2 is an improvement of the first game and adds better puzzles.

Shoot the Apple 2


Shoot the Apple 2 1.1.7

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